White Label Production

We. Produce. You. Earn!

At FrozenBAR, we can produce most products with your own brand on it at very low and reasonable prices so to have the maximum profit!

We are manufacturers and produce the following high-quality mixes:

  • Waffle Mix
  • Crepe Mix
  • Pancake Mix
  • Double Mix for Waffles and Pancakes
  • Red Velvet Mix for Waffles, Crepes, and Pancakes
  • Vegan Mixes for Crepes, Waffles, and Pancakes
  • Donut Mix
  • Soft Ice Cream Mix
  • Vegan Ice Cream Mix
  • Pralines-Chocolates
  • Bubble Tea and Slush Syrups

Additionally, we can manufacture the following machines with your own brand for resale:

  • Ice Cream Machines
  • Waffle Makers
  • Crepe Makers
  • Slush Machines

We serve all Europe and countries around (Middle East, Africa, Turkey and more) and USA as well.

We are here to discuss anything you need regarding the needs of your business!

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How it works

1. You order us the quantity that you want

2. We produce it with your own stickers and label in very economy prices

3. We ship to you

4. You sell to your customers and earn!