Soft Ice Cream Mix – Best Ice Cream Powder!

Our company produces one of the finest soft ice cream mixes in the world! We are incredibly proud of our ice cream, and so are our customers! Our normal ice cream contains only animal fats, not vegetable fats, offering a rich flavor that evokes nostalgic memories.

The mix is simply combined with water, resulting in very low costs for stores. It offers a satisfying experience in a cone or cup, slow to melt due to its unique composition!

The FrozenBAR soft ice mix is suitable for all ice cream machines!

We produce also a 100% Vegan Soft Ice Cream mix with the suitable ingredients!

🇬🇷 🇬🇷 Producing in Greece by FROZENBAR HELLAS with high quality ingredients!

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Soft Ice Cream Vanilla – Chocolate

soft ice cream mix
  • Classic Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors
  • Easy Mixing – 1kg of Mix with 2 Liters of Water
  • Consistently High Quality
  • Superior Quality Ingredients
  • Suitable for All Ice Cream Machines

Vegan Soft Ice Cream Vanilla – Chocolate

vegan soft ice mix
  • Vegan Soft Ice in Vanilla and Chocolate for Those Avoiding Animal Products
  • Easy Mixing – 1kg Mix with 2 Liters of Water
  • Consistently High Quality
  • Superior Quality Ingredients
  • Suitable for All Ice Cream Machines

Soft Ice Cream in Flavors

soft ice cream strawberry mix
  • Unique Flavors in Ready-to-Use Soft Ice Mix!
  • Strawberry, Banana, Buono, Oreo, Pistachio, and more.
  • Offer something unique to your customers!
  • Fantastic Taste and Quality
  • Suitable for All Ice Cream Machines

Why to choose FrozenBAR Soft Ice Cream Mix?

  • It has a rich yet light taste, making it unique in its category!
  • Contains only high-quality animal fats!
  • Suitable for all ice cream machines, with excellent results in FrozenBAR ice cream machines
  • Very low cost per ice cream serving
  • Specially formulated to melt slowly in the cone
  • Consistently high quality
  • Easy 1:2 mix with only water

Our ice cream mixes are available in boxes of 1x15kg, with an expiration date of approximately 10-12 months.

Combine our company’s ice cream mix with the amazing professional FrozenBAR ice cream machines for an excellent result!

Ice cream is our specialty! We have been the number one company in sales of Soft Ice cream machines since 2012. Every year, we supply hundreds of tons of ice cream to millions of ice cream lovers all over Europe!

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F.A.Q. about our Soft Ice Cream Mix

A 100gr cone costs around 0,13€

Package is 15x1kg but we can produce whatever package you need

Best before is 2 years.

The FrozenBAR Soft Ice mixes are made with high-quality ingredients and animal-origin fats. Additionally, they contain no palm oil or vegetable-origin fats.