Ready to mix waffle powder – Best Waffle mix

Our company produces and distributes 5 amazing ready-to-use waffle mixes! Each mix comes in a powdered form, and you only need to mix it with water – no oil, butter, eggs, etc., are needed – it contains everything!

We are also capable of producing custom mixes to your specifications, such as pistachio waffle mix, caramel waffle mix, and whatever your needs are! Additionally, we can manufacture all mixes under your own brand name, providing a personalized branding solution(white label).

Experience the finest waffle mix you’ve ever tasted, with an impressively low cost for food preparation.

🇬🇷 🇬🇷 Producing in Greece by FROZENBAR HELLAS with high quality ingredients!

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Waffle Mix

μειγμα βαφλας
  • Excellent Taste
  • No taste of egg or etc
  • Perfect for sweet and salty creations
  • Fluffy and rich final result

Salty Waffle Mix

μειγμα βαφλας
  • Excellent Taste
  • No taste of egg or etc
  • Perfect for unique salty creations
  • Fluffy and rich final result

Vegan Waffle Mix

μιγμα vegan βαφλα
  • Mix for Vegan Waffles!
  • Perfect for people that follows a Vegan life
  • Unique quality and final result
  • 100% suitable for vegan
  • Fluffy and rich final result

Double Mix

double mix pancakes waffle
  • 1 mix for 2 products!
  • Produce Waffle & Pancakes with the same powder!
  • No taste of egg or etc
  • Perfect final product!

The waffle mix contains all the necessary ingredients and has a great taste and flavor – it doesn’t smell of egg like other waffle mixes.

The mixture you make (powder + water) can store in the fridge for 3-4 days. You can make as much as you want. For example 1kg mix with 1kg water or 500gr powder with 500gr water.

It is suitable for all waffle makers like round waffle makers, bubble waffle, Brusells waffle, waffle sticks, mini waffles, etc.

In a package of 10kg with an expiry date of ±18 months.

Combine your excellent waffles with our top quality chocolates & pralines as toppings!

Why to choose our Waffle Mix

  • The FROZENBAR ready-to-use waffle mix is free from any unpleasant odors, like egg smell, ensuring a pleasant preparation experience.
  • The FROZENBAR waffle mix consistently maintains high quality, delivering perfect waffles every time!
  • Any of your staff members can easily prepare it, even without knowing your specific recipe.
  • It offers a significantly low cost per waffle.
  • There’s no risk of inadvertently using spoiled ingredients, such as a bad egg.
  • There’s no need for daily purchases of multiple ingredients for the mix.
  • Unlike homemade mixes that must be discarded at the end of the day, it remains fresh for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

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We produce thousands tons of waffle mix every month and send to Europe and Middle East daily to our wholesalers daily!

μειγμα βαφλας βιντεο

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F.A.Q. about our Waffle Mix

It depends of the selling price but normally the cost is around 0,20€ / waffle.

The mix is at 10kg package but we can make it whatever you want.

The best before is around 18-24 months.

Yes we can send everywhere and we are exporting every day our powders in Europe, Middle East as well as in the USA!