About us

Quality. Vision. Support. Innovation.

These four words could encapsulate what FrozenBAR is and what it has stood for since its inception in 2011! Continuously evolving, offering innovative products, and providing full support to our partners, we strive daily to increase the profitability of stores and offer quality products that are easy to prepare.

Founded in 2011, FrozenBAR introduced the innovative and then-unknown in Greece concept of Frozen Yogurt. Leveraging the expertise of its Italian parent company and its exceptional natural product, FrozenBAR managed to stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Since then, the company has dynamically entered the catering equipment sector, providing innovative food solutions. With a steady upward trajectory, it has successfully introduced and implemented new innovative ideas in Greece, such as bubble tea, Creperino crepe maker, raw materials productions and more.

Our company specializes in catering equipment, and we also produce confectionery mixes such as crepe, waffle, pancake, soft ice cream, and more.

We have expertise in raw materials like our mixtures, pralines-chocolates as well as our flavor syrups as we are producers and we use only high quality ingredients!

We serve all Europe and countries around (Middle East, Africa, Turkey and more)

We are here to discuss anything you need regarding the needs of your business!

Our Values

1. Quality ingredients, raw materials and machines!

2. Top after sales service

3. Innovative Products

4. Continuous Development and Upgrading