Syrups, bobas, Tea and know-how about Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is an innovative drink that our company first introduced in 2012 across Greece and South East Europe. It consists of fresh tea complemented by flavor syrups in over 20+ flavors, which give our beverage its distinctive taste, along with fruity bobas-pearls.

The fruity pearls are available in more than 20 different flavors and are added to the drink. As customers enjoy their bubble tea, the fruity pearls pass through the special wide straw, bursting in the mouth to release their juice!

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μηχανη παγωτου table small
  • More than 20 flavors!
  • Produced by FrozenBAR Hellas
  • High quality ingredients
  • Very low price
  • 2,5kg package


easy white παγωτομηχανη
  • More than 20 flavors!
  • 3,2kg package
  • Made in Europe

Concentrated Tea

παγωτομηχανη entry
  • Concetrated Green and Black Tea
  • Easy use – no need to boil tea!
  • Very low price
  • Produced by FrozenBAR Hellas


καλαμακια bubble tea
  • All the necessary accessories like straws, cups, etc
  • Containers with pump for the syrups
  • Special bobas spoon
  • Advertising Materials

What you will need in order to offer bubble tea to your customers

  • Ingredients (Syrups, fruity bobas, Green Tea)
  • Know-How
  • Recipes
  • Αdvertising Μaterial

Since 2012, we have been supplying almost the entire Europe market with high-quality Bubble Tea ingredients, made in Greece!

Do you need assist or have questions? Contact us at, or by whatsapp at +30.6989.957.588 or by telephone at +30.2310.444.211

F.A.Q. Bubble Tea

Yes, we have prepared an initial setup package that includes all the necessary raw materials to start selling Bubble Tea in your store, along with promotional materials to help market the product!

Yes we do provide training on bubble tea via our video academy or you can also come to our main offices in Greece and teach you everything!

Cost for a 330cc cup is around 0,30€ including all the ingredients!

NO! You don’t need to have a machine in order to serve bubble tea! You just need all the necessary ingredients like syrups, bobas, straws, etc.

Depends of our co-operation, we can provide you with many advertising materials!