Vegan Mixes – Waffle,Pancakes,Crepe and Soft Ice Cream

Our company produces specialized mixes with strict Vegan standards for waffles, crepes, pancakes, and Soft Ice cream!

The mixes are 100% Vegan, with great attention paid to the ingredients we use.

🇬🇷 🇬🇷 Producing in Greece by FROZENBAR HELLAS with high quality ingredients!

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Vegan Mix for Waffle & Pancakes

μιγμα vegan βαφλα
  • Exceptional Taste
  • Mix Only with Water
  • 100% Vegan
  • One Mix for Both Waffles & Pancakes
  • Fluffy and Rich Results

Crepe Vegan Mix

μειγμα κρεπας vegan
  • Exceptional Taste
  • 100% Vegan
  • Mix Only with Water
  • Ideal for Both Sweet and Savory Creations
  • Fluffy and Rich Results

Vegan Soft Ice Cream

μιγμα για vegan soft ice παγωτο μηχανης
  • Available in Vanilla & Chocolate Flavors
  • Exceptional Taste
  • Mix Only with Water
  • 100% vegan

The Vegan mixes from FrozenBAR are 100% suitable for everyone following this specific diet. They contain only permitted ingredients and no animal-origin components.

Now you can offer unique products to your customers with FrozenBAR’s new mixes!

Combine your creations with our company’s Vegan pralines & chocolates!

Why to choose our company’s Vegan Mixes

  • 100% Suitable Mixes without Animal Ingredients
  • Unique Taste and Superior Quality
  • Easy Mixing with Just Water
  • Very Low Food Cost
  • Expand Your Product Range for Your Vegan Customers with Popular Products.

Do you need assist or have questions? Contact us at, or by whatsapp at +30.6989.957.588 or by telephone at +30.2310.444.211

F.A.Q. about our Vegan Powders

The mixes are 100% Vegan, with careful attention to the ingredients we use.

You add only water to the mixes and are ready!

Best before is 18-24 months.

For Waffle, Crepes and Pancakes the classic flavor. For Soft ice cream vanilla and chocolate. We can produce any flavor you want per request!