The Genius PRO ice cream machine is the latest model in our soft ice cream machines for 2024 and has already become the number one choice among caterers in Europe, being selected by 72% this year. 

The Genius PRO is a professional ice cream machine that meets all the modern requirements of a catering establishment while offering an extremely low acquisition price and low operational costs. 

This new model can produce up to 250 cones per hour, each weighing 100 grams, features a 55% air pump, and includes a digital ice cream counter to track daily sales. It also offers digital adjustments for ice cream hardness and a semi-automatic cleaning program that only needs to be run once a week.

100% εγγύηση παγωτομηχανής

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soft ice cream genius pro


  • 2+1 flavors
  • Production of 250 cones / hour
  • Hopper capacity: 2χ6,5λίτρα
  • Cylinder capacity: 2χ1,7λίτρα
  • Air pump 55%
  • Standby operation for the night
  • Digital ice cream counter
  • Digital hardness setting
  • Cleaning only 1 time per week
  • 1phase electricity
  • 2,4kw power

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Why to choose Genius PRO

  • This new model combines the experience gained from previous machines with new technological advancements
  • It is easy to move, thanks to its wheels and low weight
  • The machine also features a semi-automatic cleaning program that requires attention only once a week
  • It produces perfect ice cream that doesn’t crystallize
  • We provide service in Athens and Thessaloniki, and maintain a full stock of spare parts for any needs you might have. As the largest company in this field, we have been offering the best expertise in soft ice cream machines for over 10 years

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